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  • aebi
  • June 27, 2019
  • Advantages of Connected TV Advertising

    Studies explore connected TV refers to the different gadgets that are available in the market that support the use of internet for the clients and this is one of the greatest trend upcoming in the market. Advantages on the preference to use connected TV has allowed many businesses who use this mode of advertising to increase their market in recent times. With the increase in number of homes which are already installed with the Smart TV allows all the people in the homes to watch the TV all at once. Given there are different people who are constantly watching the same TVs, the business gets the opportunity to address different adverts to different people all at once provided there are different people who are watching the TV at the same time.

    One of the best ways to ensure an advert is effective is by ensuring it reaches the right personnel. Thus, by using connected TV advertising the companies gets the opportunity to use bio-data via third-party to determine the users profile and ensure the adverts that have been aired directly affects them and this expected to make a greater impact. Most Smart TVs are keen to ensure they deliver high quality ads which are better to ensure there is better transmission of advertisement, in recent times many people prefer to use smart TVs due to the excellent sound that is delivered to the listeners. With better ad quality done by the companies they get the opportunity to promote brand loyalty and this significantly expected to boost the brand exposure to different platforms given they get the privilege to have more people view the adverts.

    Studies explore many advertisers prefer the use of connected TV given it allows the markets to have an opportunity to develop different adverts based on the latest video ad formats which are considered to be trendy, there is preference to use animation, call-to-action and static. Research shows the number of people who prefer to watch smart TVs is higher compared to the cable TVs, thus when companies prefer to make connected TV advertising they get the opportunity to attract a wider customer base. Given the number of individuals who use the connected TV gets the opportunity to interact with the adverts, the connected TV advertising allows the advertisers to have the privilege to gauge how effective their adverts are in the market as they evaluate the feedback from different conversations. Conclusively, many smart gadget users gets the privilege to watch their preferential channels and based on the feedback, the users gets the opportunity to have tailored made adverts that will have a great impact on the users generating desired results to the company.

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