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There are a lot of caffeine containing drink but coffee is the most popular one. There are some health issues that one can get from too much caffeine that is in coffee like insomnia and anxiety. The above reason has made a lot of people to try to avoid using coffee as the source of caffeine. The fact that coffee contains a lot of caffeine makes most people try to avoid taking coffee for caffeine supply and start to look for alternative. Coffee can even cause some digestive problems regardless of whether you are tolerant or sensitive to caffeine in coffee. To prevent health issues, one can start to look for alternative substitutes to coffee because of that. When one looks keenly in the local supermarket, he or she can get a lot of coffee substitute. Getting another alternative source of caffeine to coffee is a challenging task for some people since the brands have not gained popularity in the market as coffee. When there is a shortage in coffee supply in the market, that is the only time that you can get another source of caffeine. Some of the time that coffee was not available include the time of wars and during famine in coffee plantation areas.

Tea is one of the most common and best alternative to coffee. When you compare the caffeine that in tea and coffee, you get to realize that tea contain less caffeine than coffee. Despite the fact that all the type come from the same species, tea is one of the most diverse caffeine alternatives to coffee hence the best thing about it. Some of the type of tea that one can get include black tea, green tea, and white tea. The fact that some of the tea types have some similarity to coffee makes it be the best alternative source of caffeine to coffee. The smell that coffee has is similar to roasted green tea as one of the tea types.

Other alternative source of caffeine other than coffee that most people use is a soft drink. Most of the soft drinks have shallow caffeine content than coffee that is good. The fact that soft drink has other artificial ingredients other than low caffeine content makes it be the best alternative source of caffeine from coffee. One can get some of the naturally caffeinated beverages in the market to replace coffee.

Yerba mate is another alternative source of caffeine other than tea and coffee. The demand that yerba mate has made it be in almost every part of the world. Yerba mate originate from a native herbal tea plant situated in the part of the west of the world. One can get different type of yerba mate depending with processing process.

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